Thursday, January 31, 2008

a project to look at

In my obssesion with Youtube I found an interesting project two brothers are doing. They are communicating only via the digital meduim for a year and allowing the whole process to be public.
Maybe we should play with some level of our communication that is only digital, well I guess we sort of are, but maybe we can put some intentional parameters around what we put out in the digital sphere. Maybe all of our ideas about our collaboration have to be put up in a digital fashion. Whether sharing a link via the blog or discussing a video, or creating a video montage and posting to youtube.

Miss you!


felecia said...

that is totally hilarious!!! and smart, too. hmmm

I have to think about it. I'd like to make it something very specific, that is a piece in and of itself.

What are some of the ideas that we've had for pieces and how could we adapt them to this form?

I still want to do the giant size gifs, but I think that's a gallery piece. I think I'll put that at the top of my priority list to start shooting...

We've talked alot about evolution and our attraction to each other being like gravity...binary stars...maybe we could start somewhere before the beginning. Make a piece that's less about words and ideas and more about form and process. Less cerebral than the internet...processes based on intuitive logic versus concrete logic. How can we use this machine and be materialists? What are some of its natural qualities?

Maybe we start some compositions on web pages that are interactive? or create myspace sites that are free of text completely? Is that possible? I'm googling how to hack myspace...will check in later...

felecia said...

Here's some links, but I don't know if I even like that approach...I like the wiki thing more. See my comments in the wiki thing.

maybe we use the wiki thing as an abstract way to communicate?

felecia said...

make abstract compositions with appropriated layouts on internet pages—just remove the text.

JessH said...

Sort of like our visual manifestation. As if we are celebrity, but not, using the visual cues of internet/virtual, but empty