Thursday, January 31, 2008

buenos aires

It's cheaper to fly from Pensacola than West Palm believe it or not, but it's still over $1000 in March and in June. I didn't look for very long, but that's what I found so far. It's way cheaper in FEB, but I'm already cancelling some classes for other stuff, so I don't think I could make that happen. Haven't tried May, and I'm out of school after the first week in May. Let's keep looking..

a project to look at

In my obssesion with Youtube I found an interesting project two brothers are doing. They are communicating only via the digital meduim for a year and allowing the whole process to be public.
Maybe we should play with some level of our communication that is only digital, well I guess we sort of are, but maybe we can put some intentional parameters around what we put out in the digital sphere. Maybe all of our ideas about our collaboration have to be put up in a digital fashion. Whether sharing a link via the blog or discussing a video, or creating a video montage and posting to youtube.

Miss you!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wiki 2stars2stars

I was researching last night and stumbled upon an old housemate's wikipedia page. We need ones of those. Since we are beginning to propagate our presence through the digital sphere a wiki page would be an interesting way to propagate our own mythological presence.

Also what I was researching has some interesting ties to us, funny how that happens. Flaming Lotus Girls are developing new ideas for upcoming projects and the one I am working on has some interesting connections to the digital world. The piece is tentatively called "Seed" and was inspired by the real life story of how the Norwegian government has laid out plans to build a subterranean vault to hold samples of the world’s seeds. When completed, it will hold 3 million seeds that are being preserved to continue the world’s agricultural diversity.

Well we were imagining if these seeds were left to their own devices what would evolve in the dark. Here is a bit from the text I'm writing up:
These seeds move kinetically together exposing viewers to the ineffable quality of life in a simple seed, whose properties are so real to us yet so elusive. The Seed is a basic self-organizing unit of life. Cultured in a closed dark space, abstracted from the life it will never know, it is transformed into an embodiment of the life processes and replication. The evolving life we see in Seed is effected our excess, an excess of our freedom to cross boundaries between definitions and taxonomies, just like the limitless tagging, wiki-ing, cross-referencing, and social networking we do in the digital world. These impulses from our world cross the boundary effecting the evolution of Seed. What will grown? How will it grow? Will it be biological, machine or an evolution of both?

I see a bit of alliance with the idea of 2stars evolving via the digital world, we are the activators, but how do our characters evolve/ travel/ interact in the digital world, where there is no dark no light only information/ imagination? How will we evolve?

And I was playing on youtube as well. They have an interesting video editing feature but it isn't working for me.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

color pic-- this is the best from sluggo's papparazi (sp?) shoot
and these black and whites could be interesting for something? I paid Ian $100 bucks to design us posters using these images as a base and he made some things but I think he's lost it all and has a hard time managing what he's already got on his plate anyway...aaahhh to not be 20 anymore is such a blessing.

ps wanna go to buenos aires?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Youtube play

Hey look our you tube has a video, just playing for a couple of seconds.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A script or play

So should we create a bit of a script for this first video? Or a discussion about it then go? Or just play a bit? Actually I think we just need to play to get some stuff out there.

Don't forget we do have our own youtube channel.
We can start connecting the blog and this. Maybe we need to do a weekly play with our youtube? With our computers we can literally just sit some where with a black top and white background and play. This actually sounds good. Want to try?

Red Hot Chili Peppers video, turn the sound off, and just watch their one min. sculptures. I really like the colors and starkness of the white backgrounds.

Not where we are going but interesting idea of two people editing video work together:

Also take a look at Mark Horowitz stuff, a bit goofy, but I am interested in how other artists are using youtube.

Monday, October 29, 2007

green screens? animated gifs?

We just got green/white/black/blue screens to play with. I was thinking I would go white background, black outfit? or black background on white outfit--what do you think? Or should we change up the color and backgrounds??? does it matter what we wear?

Go to youtube and type in Miranda July...I like her video piece--one second poses--and Erwin Wurm--one minute sculptures

Sheila's coming back to do a workshop November 14th-16th---I WISH YOU COULD COME!!!!! You should at least come when we have DJSpooky. that subliminal kid!