Saturday, November 3, 2007

A script or play

So should we create a bit of a script for this first video? Or a discussion about it then go? Or just play a bit? Actually I think we just need to play to get some stuff out there.

Don't forget we do have our own youtube channel.
We can start connecting the blog and this. Maybe we need to do a weekly play with our youtube? With our computers we can literally just sit some where with a black top and white background and play. This actually sounds good. Want to try?

Red Hot Chili Peppers video, turn the sound off, and just watch their one min. sculptures. I really like the colors and starkness of the white backgrounds.

Not where we are going but interesting idea of two people editing video work together:

Also take a look at Mark Horowitz stuff, a bit goofy, but I am interested in how other artists are using youtube.

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felecia said...

I think as soon as I can I want to set up a backdrop and shoot some stills of myself playing some karate moves on imaginary you. and making gestures like their is someone there. I imagine you doing the same and then combining them to make an animated gif of us. Or shooting video and using segments of the moves like in Miranda's piece that beeotch, heehee